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We provide a platform for high school students, college students, and business professionals to join us and learn what goes into the training profession.  It is a hands on approach working alongside our experienced and educated trainers while they work with every type of client.  We hope to provide an insight to the education necessary for the profession as well as the business and marketing side of training.  


We never stop learning.  Neither should you.  

dominick kennedy baseball pic.jpg

Dominick Kennedy

Student/Athlete Bloomsburg University

"It was a blast.  I enjoyed my time I spent there.  I learned so much about working out and taking care of the body.  I know this experience will help me as I move on to college." 

Eli Kel-abrams pic 1.jpg

Eli Kel-Abrams

Asst. Coach Miami Hurricanes Basketball

"I have learned so much, not only about the techniques and specifics of training individuals, but also how to cater to each and every one of your clients in order to ensure their safety and provide a unique workout experience.  I use this in my approach to coaching everyday."

Mike halloran pic 1.jpg

Mike Halloran

Owner of Halloran Training

testimonial coming soon...

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