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We would be absolutely nothing without great clients, and the relationships that we have with them.   Every, single client brings uniqueness, effort, and the determination to accomplish what they are working towards.  We are here to facilitate their efforts and educate and guide them in the right direction.


 Here are their reasons to train.

Ashley Bowie

"Everfit has given me my life and my body back.  I am proud to say that I feel stronger and healthier than I ever have.  I love that working out is one of the best parts of my day, and that in Everfit I have found a family and a home."

Paul Lehmann

"Everfit has completely changed my approach to training.  I am stronger and more fit than I have ever been.  Coach Bob pushes me  to maximize my workouts.  I find myself engaged in a variety of exercises that give me a complete workout like I have never experienced before."

Charles Kessler

"When did you think a ball up your ass would ever be comfortable?"



Reference to using the lacrosse balls for accupressure.

Michele Canuso- Bedesem

Testimonial coming soon...

Kristen Collins

"I realized I wasn't working out right on my own and 8 years later, I am still loving it here.  I am continually learning new ways to workout, like boxing, who knew I was such a badass!!  The best part of this place is the trainers.  They motivate me to give my best effort." 

Maxx Jones

"I train, just to be able to tell people.....

ASS UP !!!!!!



Rick Gehring

"This is the smartest investment I am currently myself, my health, my fitness, and my overall attitude.  I highly recommend the staff and programs at Everfit, they are the best in the area and they will help you if you are simply willing to invest in yourself."

Liz Trevisan

Testimonial coming soon...

Will Jones new pic w kids.jpeg
Will Jones

"Dave and his team are the best.  They challenge and teach me every session.  Training is always fresh.He is not just a trainer, but a friend.  When it's time to work, we work.  When it's time to joke around, we joke around."

Mike Kinsman

Testimonial coming soon...

Dilma Riddell

"I personally have seen an increase in my strength and stamina since I began training.  The expertise and guidance they provided me through my strength training sessions have been fantastic.  I look forward to continuing my partnership with them."

Keli Falco

Testimonial coming soon...

Todd Shirley

Testimonial coming soon...

Dave Kovach

Testimonial coming soon...

Jaclyn Williamson guitar pic.jpg
Jaclyn Williamson

"This is my happy place.  The trainers, the workouts, the people, the facility.  They helped me serve a tennis ball after 10 years and taught me how to box to help save my joints.  No matter what you are looking for, this is THE PLACE."

Marie Ochefu

"In a fight, I go straight to the windmill!!"

Renee Morgan

"I was experiencing a few nuisance injuries.  My mobility, flexibility, and strength were not where I wanted them to be.  Dave knew exactly what I needed and gently pushed me towards success.  I encourage anyone to give Everfit a try.  You will not be sorry."

Suzanne Schneeman

"Their trainers have been great to workout with.  They change up the sessions, flexible with their schedules, and 

really challenge me. I really look forward to the training sessions, and I wish I could do even more."

Natalie Whiteley

"Everfit isn't your ordinary gym.  It's like a family.  We support one another, friendships form, and most importantly, we all have fun, smile, and laugh during our workouts."

John Cutillo

Testimonial coming soon...

Neha Desai Mehta

Testimonial coming soon...

Jen Quinn

Testimonial coming soon...

Maral Megerian Kitabjian

"Training with Dave has proven that he knows my limits better than I do.  He is constantly pushing me to the next level.  I am achieving goals I couldn't imagine achieving on my own."

Dr. Ronald Krauser

"Everfit is far and away the best fitness facility in the western Main Line."

Phyllis Waterbury

"those who control your emotions, control you."

Some of the best advice ever given to me by one of the toughest and sweetest clients and friends I Have ever known.  You will be missed.  Gone too soon.  Rest in Peace.

Mary Distefano

Testimonial coming soon...

Courtney Shafer

Testimonial coming soon...

Steve Kitabjian

Testimonial coming soon...

Chuck Farace

Testimonial coming soon...

Patti Jeffries

Testimonial coming soon...

Mena Tetali

Testimonial coming soon...

Karen Moser

Testimonial coming soon...

Brynne Gallagher

"2 words. Ass pain.  My butt has never been higher or tighter, along with the rest of my body.  I hate when I miss a workout, they're truly the favorite part of my day.  The fighting lets out all the pent up rage, and the lifting makes you feel sexy and strong.  You will find me there at 5 am making positive changes in my life."

Jeff D'Ambrosio

Testimonial coming soon...

Diana Charlton

Testimonial coming soon...

Francesa Chindemi bikini.jpeg
Francesca Chindemi

" I began training with Dave in late December to prepare for boot camp.  I'm beyond satisfied with the results I've seen in only 6 months.  Dave welcomes everyone with open arms and makes working out fun."

Julie Fioravanti

Testimonial coming soon...

Seth Sacchi

"Eleven months after my major back surgery, I am training alongside others, lifting heavier weights and regaining my strength and started boxing again.I am not 100% yet, but i know, under Dave's guidance, I'll get there soon."

Matt Harris

"Everfit is a community gym that has a program for everyone.  It is a high quality facility that meets the demands of a diverse audience.  The trainers are always updating and changing programs to keep your interest and provide new challenges as you work towards your goals."

Elizabeth Greenspan

"A beautiful person inside and out that left us too soon.  A mutual friend of my client Marypat.  I thank her for allowing me to know Liz.  Left behind a beautiful daughter who will grow up strong.  You will be missed.  FUCK CANCER!!!!!"

Ana Sabatino

In regard to the state of people right now not working out and getting healthy.

"They are pussies.  Train like an elite athlete and you'll feel like an elite athlete.Ready for the next challenge. I wish more people would see this time of uncertainty and confusion as an opportunity to get healthy and become what they wanna be."

Jim Ruggiero

" I have worked with Dave for over two decades and watched him grow his business.  He is a great personal trainer, a great dad, and a great person.  I endorse his work highly.  I just wish I got there more often."

Eric Whitford

Testimonial coming soon...

Steve rucci new pic.jpeg
Steve Rucci

Testimonial coming soon...

Chad Parnis

Testimonial coming soon...

Doug German

"A long series of bad decisions brought me to Everfit.....building a series of small successes is keeping me here."

Emily Pfizenmayer

"3 boys.  All super athletic.  I am able to bring them with me so I don't miss my workouts.  Dave engages them each on their level and adapts a circuit to their needs.  We are grateful for Dave and his ability to prepare and condition all of us in a healthy way for continued success in our sports and lives."

Andi Ries

Testimonial coming soon...

Jennifer Byrne

Testimonial coming soon...

Joe D'Ambrosio

Testimonial coming soon...

Mike Miller

Testimonial coming soon...

Francee Biondi

Testimonial coming soon...

Geoffrey M. Cope

Testimonial coming soon...

Fee Torpey

Testimonial coming soon...

Marypat Mazda

"Another beautiful soul taken from us way too soon. I had the privilege of training and knowing her almost my whole career.  She supported me wherever I went.  You will be missed.  


Heather Sahagian

"Working with Dave and his staff was awesome.  They push you outside of your comfort zone but not so you feel like you're going to die (I've had those kind of trainers).  You actually want to go back again."

Guy Pyne

"After 3 months, I am finally getting a heinie.  It used to be just straight down, now I feel a little bump on the way down.  I look forward to checking myself out in the mirror.  It's striking!!!!"

Bill Mackiewicz

Testimonial coming soon...

Dave Kennedy

"  Getting old ain't for p*****s!!!!"

Jean Sauer

 Testimonial coming soon.

Susan Chindemi

Testimonial coming soon...

Heather Dettling

"I just, really, wanna knock someone out !!!"

Kimberley Strayhorn

Testimonial coming soon...

Susan Noll

testimonial coming soon...

Ted Wiederseim

" I come to Everfit to be more than a sex machine!!!!"

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